The Wardrobe: Algoma's Premier Maternity Photography Dress Experience

Welcome to The Wardrobe, the exclusive one-stop shop for high-end luxurious maternity dresses in the Algoma district.

But first, let's get one thing clear. These aren't your run-of-the-mill-everyday-wear-to-work maternity dresses. These dresses, or gowns, were designed specifically with one thing in mind - photography. They're showstoppers.

For the first time, expectant mothers in Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area will have access to a wide range of gowns in different colours and textiles, designed specifically to highlight their curves and baby belly, while simultaneously, empowering them. Each dress is carefully fashioned for comfort and to flatter all body shapes and sizes.

Having been in the photography business for over four years now, I have captured many maternity sessions. I've seen expectant mothers show up to their photoshoots in cheaply-made, ill-fitting gowns, looking to recreate the high-end fashion shoots they've pinned on Pinterest. I've also had many soon-to-be moms show up to their photoshoots in tears, since their $20.00 Amazon find didn't show up on-time, or worse, when it did, it didn't look anything like the picture. I'm one of those moms myself.

Back in 2018, I had my own pregnancy captured by the incredible Lucas Paquette. I ordered an Amazon gown for $30.00 and it didn't arrive on time, thanks in part to the ill-timed postal strike. And when it did arrive (literally hours after the shoot happened), what I received was anything but glamourous. I remember trying on the dress in my kitchen and laughing awkwardly, while I wore a red sack, that was two feet too long, didn't fit in the bust, and made me look like I was a box. It was anything but flattering.

As someone who has struggled with body image all her life, this so-called maternity dress did nothing for me and made me feel ugly. And for the first time in my then 28 years, I actually felt beautiful. Pregnancy made me appreciate my body and what it was capable of. Pregnancy made me feel radiant, raw, empowered, and incredibly strong. It made me feel connected to other moms, the legacy of motherhood, and my own mother in a way I had never felt before. But that dress didn't show that.

After that experience, I thought, there must be something better out there. There must be something that can make me look the way I felt. That's when I discovered Chicaboo, and a world of maternity photographers helping to make women and mothers feel like the absolute warriors they are.

The beauty behind The Wardrobe is the versatility of the majority of the gowns, which are designed by the American-based company, Chicaboo. The dresses are designed with women in mind. They're designed to hug and shape curves, no matter one's size. The dresses are one size fits most (generally fitting a pre-pregnancy size 4 - 16, with some fitting sizes 4 - 22 and larger). And besides each dress's stretch in versatility, most also offer versatility in look. Many of the gowns can be worn in more than one way - it's almost as if they boast their own daytime and nighttime looks. The gowns can be flirty and fun but also dramatic and chic. They'll leave you speechless. Coupled with my training in maternity photography, I know you'll feel confident and will cherish these pictures for years to come.

Did I mention you don't actually have to be pregnant to wear these gowns, also? That's just how versatile these gowns really are!

It's through The Wardrobe that I'm hoping to instill in mothers that incredible feeling I felt while pregnant, but at no additional charge. There's enough costs and stress associated with being pregnant and becoming a mom that you don't need to add shopping for your perfect maternity dress in to the mix. I'll handle that. Remember, I'm a mom, too, I know what it's like.

I've carefully curated my client closet to include approximately 20 gowns (and counting) that will give you that show-stopping look to match the vibe or theme you're going for. Dreaming of a photoshoot on the beach? I've got a dress for that. Or maybe the luscious evergreens in the winter. I've got that, too, and a few faux-fur shawls to keep you extra warm.

So how do you go about getting into The Wardrobe? Contact me. It's as simple as that. Email me. Call me. Message me. I do my best to photograph expectant mothers around the 32 - 35 week mark - before you get too uncomfortable, and generally, before you risk going into pre-term labour. You'll have a private fitting with me in my studio, where you can try on the gowns and see which ones best suit your personality and make you feel your best. Each client is entitled to use two gowns from The Wardrobe for their maternity session. After your fitting, you'll take the dresses home and wear them to the photoshoot. I'll pick them up after the photoshoot and have them cleaned on my own dime. It's that easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Come see what The Wardrobe has in store for you. While being pregnant only lasts a few fleeting months, the photographs and memories captured will be timeless.