I've Got Big News!

I've been harbouring a secret for quite some time. And if you know me, you know I can't keep secrets. Sure, you can tell me you're pregnant, you're surprising your partner with a proposal, or the name of your unborn child - I'll keep those secrets guarded forever. But secrets about me. My life. Well, those are as good as gossip gold. I have to tell you. So the fact that I haven't blurted out this news all over social media is beyond me.

[Yes, a lot of you know my secret. I've been disclosing it privately to clients as they come and go... because, I can't keep a secret.]

So here it goes.

I'm moving.

I'm leaving the comforts of Sault Ste. Marie. I'm taking my cushiony bubble that I've grown accustomed to and heading to the country. I'm heading to a place that has been like a second home for me for 12 years: St. Joseph Island. Specifically, Richards Landing. After years of deliberation, going through various scenarios and alternatives, my husband, son, and I have decided its time to relocate. We've purchased my husband's family home, that his late mother and father built. It's a beautiful pine-plank cabin that overlooks the St. Marys River. I've loved this home since I first stepped foot in it. And I've wanted it for my own ever since. And it just happened that 2023 is the year to make it my own.

So what does this mean for my business? Well, my business will be going with me. I'll be relocating Meaghan Kent Photography INC. to Richards Landing. With the gorgeous wood cabin, comes a massive garage. And that garage will house my studio. The next time you come visit my studio, you'll be wowed by the transformation from my humble little basement studio with terrible lighting that has supported me over the last seven years. The new studio is going to be a massive upgrade.

The new studio will feature two floors. That's right, two floors.

The first floor, or the main floor, will be where the majority of the shooting will happen - from newborns, maternity, minis, milestones, cake smashes, and more. There will be a large sitting area with backdrops permanently fixed to the walls. The floor will be heated. Yes, heated. No more chilly concrete floors. There will be windows. Lots, and lots of natural light so you no longer feel like you're in a dungeon, or the troll cave as a I called my first studio. And high ceilings. That means bigger backdrops for more lifestyle shoots and more opportunity for freedom and free play. A macramé swing will also be suspended for more fun photoshoots. There will be a fridge and snack bar to help feed everyone and keep your milk and formula cold. And there will be new pictures on the wall - because they're always a hit and everyone is always vying for a spot on the wall! Lastly, and most importantly, the first floor will be totally accessible.

I will have a full bathroom, complete with vanity, sink, and shower on the first floor.

Upstairs, things get a little different. I am calling this my lifestyle area. There will be a queen-size bed, a first for the studio. This will allow me to do even more types of photoshoots. From boudoir, lifestyle newborn shoots, mommy and me sessions, and more. The options really are endless. Beside the bed is also a large patio window, allowing for lots of natural light to spill in. And that macramé swing from the first floor can also be brought upstairs.

And that's just the studio. Being on the water also affords for more photo options. Bring the family for a splash session on our small beach or even a paddle along the shoreline. There's no other photographer in the region that can afford you these opportunities right from the comfort of their home. And it's all available at not additional cost to you. If you make the effort to come see me, I promise, I'll make the session worth your while.

Right now, the garage is a work in progress. We're hoping to have everything completed by the fall. But enough of the studio will be completed by our move-in date that shoots in the next few weeks will not be affected by the construction.

Am I scared? I'm terrified. Petrified. But also so overwhelmingly excited. I cannot wait to share my new home with you all.